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 Welcome To CaseGuys!
Two-way radio communications are more critical than ever before. User's insist on the best quality radios that work every time; Users request the most durable radios to withstand on the job physical conditions; and Users demand 100% reliability to communicate maximum range distances.  So naturally, User's buy the two-way radio case matching their two-way radio criteria; CaseGuys, by A.W. Enterprises, Inc.

CaseGuys manufactures portable radio holsters and scanner cases for analog and digital OEM brand two-way radios providing extra comfort and convenience. We recognized the need Users have for extra comfort and ease-of-use handling convenience when retrieving and carrying two-way radios on the job, in the field or in extreme conditions. CaseGuys was first to invent and patent the original A-Wedge Swivel; a multi-directional stainless steel fastener providing extra comfort and convenience, exclusively available with CaseGuys two-way radio cases. The A-Wedge can be used with most OEM radios in the market.

MANUFACTURER to the Two-Way Radio Industry

 EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. ,             Harris Corporation,                      HYT America Inc.    

 Icom America                                            Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation,     Midland

 Maxon/TecNet International, Inc.            Motorola Solutions, Inc.               Relm Wireless, Corp.

 Tait Radio Communication's                   Thales Communications, Inc.      Vertex Standard

 Names are trademarked by respective companies.

CaseGuys: SUPERIOR Quality, LIFETIME Durability, EXCEPTIONAL Delivery.II
CaseGuys has earned and retains its' customers loyalty decade after decade with superior quality, lifetime durability and exceptional delivery out the door in days; and satisfied customers bring us more referrals!

Perhaps you are a Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Response or Security Services professional where CaseGuys portable radio cases are in popular demand. Other applications where CaseGuys comfortable, convenient swivel cases are used to carry analog and digital two-way radios include Field Service personnel, Facility maintenance, military and government operations plus commercial and industrial businesses.  CaseGuys makes other communication device cases and accessories for portable scanners, car alarms, pagers, iPads, iPods, defibrillator's.
Nylon, the “GOOD�? choice in lightweight, economical holster cases.  1000 Dinier Nylon with 3/16 inch Charcoal-Ester foam with finished Tricot backing provides satisfying protection.  Call for a free sample case.
LeatherLon, the “BETTER�? alternative in lightweight, economical holster cases, an exclusive material combining 1000 Dinier Nylon with 1/8 inch cross-linked..
CaseGuys’ Leather is the “BEST�? choice in superior quality holster cases.  You will appreciate CaseGuys exclusive “Iron Hide�? tanning process; it maximizes utilization...
Kenwood – NX210, NX320, 
                    TK 2360/3360, 

ICOM – F 3011 / 4011,  
             F 3161 / 4161

HYT – TC508, TC518, TC620, 
           PD 702G,
A-WEDGE SWIVELS:  The patented A-Wedge swivel, designed by A.W. Enterprises provides ultimate convenience and functionality handling two-way radios easily and securely

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